Although most of the international students planning to study abroad may have heard of Ireland, they may not have understood a lot about its educational environment. As a leading institution, GVA is here to help those dedicated and determined students to overturn their dream into reality.

There are numerous secrets of Ireland that have made it a perfect destination for education. Those are:

1. Academically sound environment:

As ranked by the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook in 2014, the Irish education system is one of the best among the top 20 for its higher education system. The presence of every infrastructure in the Irish Universities that are required for the educational purpose has made it the main point of attraction for the international students. Most of its universities are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and academic resources. Due to these reasons, Ireland is renowned as an international hub for high-quality scientific research. Many students from around the world, including Nepal, visit Ireland to pursue research in various fields.


2. Financial assistance to the International Students:

The Republic of Ireland has an outstanding scholarship program for international students. Each scholarship is based on specific criteria for eligibility laid down by individual institutions in Ireland. Even work opportunities can be an important form of financial assistance. International students equipped with a valid immigration stamp 2 permission are permitted to work 40 hours/week in Ireland, but only between June to September, and from December 15 to January 15. During the rest of the year, international students holding the valid work document can work 20 hours/week.

3. Safe and friendly environment: 

Ireland is one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world, allowing international students to complete their course without worrying about their overall wellbeing. The Global Peace Index ranked it as the 12th "most peaceful country" in 2013. While petty crimes like pickpocketing are common throughout the world, students just need to be cautious about their surroundings to avert such rare incidents.

4. Great opportunities for internships and professional carrier:

The headquarters of the biggest multinational companies' like Google, Apple, and Facebook lies in the Island nation, apart from Ireland's own homegrown organizations like CRH, DCC, and Kerry group. So, students studying here can enjoy these ample opportunities as internships or as a professional carrier in the near future.

5. The absence of language barriers:

Ireland is a European country acquiring English as an official language. Students coming to Ireland, find it comfortable to cope up with the course and also with the place.

6. Access to other European Countries:

The advantage of studying in Ireland (Europe) is that it’s relatively easy to get to other countries. Students can take advantage of this by taking a long weekend elsewhere in the UK or traveling the rest of Europe after your time in Ireland study abroad adventure concludes.

The consistent rise in overseas students coming to study in the "land of saints and scholars" over the last decade establishes the fact that Ireland offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a novel mix of high education standards combined with an exciting cultural experience. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for the determined and studious International students to study in Ireland.



For More Information

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