The process following the admission process is preparing the documents needed for enrollment and travel. Strict rules and procedures need to be adopted while arranging and submitting these documents. We offer authentic and up to date information on such rules and procedures, visa application, sponsor letter, English language score sheets, medical examination sheets, and many more. We have a compilation of such required documents which may differ for individuals applying to different countries. We ensure the authenticity of the documents and provide ways in which genuine documents can be obtained in a short time. To avoid any confusion in the documentation process, we facilitate the students throughout. This also ensures that the student does not face any backlash in the future due to missing or unauthentic documents.

Other than that, we also assist students in taking educational loans and the loan application process. Taking a huge amount of loans can be confusing to the students as the process is quite long and requires the submission of many documents. We facilitate in this documentation process and also provide counseling in choosing the right place to take out a loan.