Leaving home and moving to a new unfamiliar country can be daunting but exciting nonetheless. After the students are granted a visa, we spend a little time to prepare them for an upcoming change. We hold a session for the students where we provide information on all the topics one should know before leaving. We offer information on the following:

  • Items you require for the journey and throughout the stay

  • Accommodation facilities

  • Budget management

  • Health security

  • Rules and regulations of the country and university

  • Employment opportunities

Students can inquire about anything they are curious about. We provide correct information and examples of our former students to accommodate their changing lifestyle.

Traveling to a new and completely country can be tough and confusing. Therefore, in order to make the journey after reaching a new country go smooth, we help our students to adapt to the international lifestyle. We provide a service of airport pickup only for our students to ensure they safely reach their accommodation. Locating accommodation in the suitable surrounding in close proximity to the university is another challenge for the students. We make it easier and convenient for our students by helping them find a suitable and moderate place to stay in. we make sure the journey stays smooth from the beginning to the end without the students having to face any adversities.